So, here is the result of a spontaneous weekend game jam. The concept is not mine, but it is some kind of space “Risk” (the board game). To play first click a colored planet and then another one to attack it. Esc pauses. Enjoy!



Impromptu Jake

This is the game Laura Lee and I made for Global Game Jam 2015, plus some extra developer hours to add sound and music, optimize a bit, make a proper ending etc. Enjoy!

Impromptu Jake

Play Impromptu Jake

Straight to the point

Aeons that I haven’t written anything here, but I will try at least to post stuff that I make for history purposes. This is P.O.N.G. Command, a simple Pong game that I made these days as an ActionScript 3 code sample.

Open source dialog editor

After more than one year without touching a gamebook pet project, I decided to release its code under LGPL 3, so here it is, the Crossroads Engine.

Download Crossroads Editor

AIR runtime (needed to run the editor)

The engine comprises a visual story editor and a viewer written in ActionScript 3, that allows creating “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of games, RPG character dialog trees or variants of interactive fiction. It allows the use of variables, conditions and images for the scenes. The viewer has a parser class that can be embedded in any project (respecting the license).

Let there be a story

Let there be a story

Dropped from a broken vase

Today I was going through some old files from a pile of CD’s full of mold, and then I saw something nice. I found two of the first computer programs I ever made, written in QBasic. They were games – or demos to be fair. After some scrubbing with QB64, I got some executables that play nice with Windows 7, and here they are (you need to extract the whole folder before running). They are silly, but they were made a loooooong time ago… more like 16 years ago 🙂

PS.: QBasic was pretty crude. Here is what the main character of Blades is made of: C6 bD10 bR11 R3 E1 U1 H1 L3 G1 D1 F1 bU1 P4,6 bD2 C9 L3 G2 D3 R2 U2 R2 D2 G5 R3 E4 F4 R3 H4 U3 R2 D2 R2 U3 H2 L6 bF1 P1,9