Company: Hoplon
Aug 2007 – Aug 2010

Taikodom and Taikodom: Living Universe were two versions of a brazilian MMO RPG with a strong focus in space combat, mining, crafting and corporation (guild) building. The first version was intended to the brazilian market, and was developed using C++ and Java for client and server. The second version, planned to be released internationally was developed using Unity, C# and SQL Server (Transact-SQL) for persistance. The game servers were shutdown on 2015.

My activities in this project included:

  • Development of game features on Unity3D and on the in­house engine including GUI, server and client programming (C#, Java and C++), .NET web services and SQLServer database programming, including stored procedures;
  • Implemented engine support for Adobe Flash textures using GameSWF (C++);
  • Implemented engine support for Bink video textures (RAD Game Tools, C++);
  • Initial engine support for loading textures and materials from Granny files (RAD Game Tools, C++);
  • Initial engine support for S3TC/DXTC compressed textures;
  • Initial analysis and implementation of GJK and EPA collision detection algorithms;
  • Proof of concept of a avatar customization system (including different meshes for features, clothing and texture baking);
  • Development of tools to automatically verify art assets;
  • Development of tool to convert and reduce size of game textures.

Taikodom, Taikodom: Living Universe (Hoplon)