Frantic timelapse

Well, I couldn’t finish the game on time to submit it to the jam, but at least the time lapse video is kinda cool. I was not goofing off the whole time 😛

This video was created with Chonolapse.



Ludum Dare 20

I tried my best to finish something in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 20, but unfortunately I don’t think that what I’ve done is good enough to submit. Saturday morning I had to work with other stuff and kind of lost the time today at noon. Couldn’t pull off an all nighter too, didn’t sleep very well during the week.

My idea was to make a gamebook in Flash with a nice story and some branching, put under control by the variables system I implemented. Loading scenes from a file, checking conditions and applying effects is working, but I wanted to make an inventory and a map too. I left the story and illustrations to be made after I finished the application, so… REALLY bad planing. Here are the screenshots of the unfinished app.

One thing I remembered quickly after starting: drawing pretty stuff is hard and time consuming. Next time I will try to make a better plan and keep my weekend really free.