So, here is the result of a spontaneous weekend game jam. The concept is not mine, but it is some kind of space “Risk” (the board game). To play first click a colored planet and then another one to attack it. Esc pauses. Enjoy!

Download void* DOMINATION (Windows)


Dropped from a broken vase

Today I was going through some old files from a pile of CD’s full of mold, and then I saw something nice. I found two of the first computer programs I ever made, written in QBasic. They were games – or demos to be fair. After some scrubbing with QB64, I got some executables that play nice with Windows 7, and here they are (you need to extract the whole folder before running). They are silly, but they were made a loooooong time ago… around 1995 🙂

Download QBasic Nostalgia (Windows)