Start a new life in a cozy island village full of adorable bears! Beartopia is a multiplayer game where you can chat with friends, shear sheep, harvest fruit, and ultimately build a beautiful, bustling community. Meet the quirky villagers–they seriously need your help. Train your family of bears to earn money while you are away. Cooperate with other players to rebuild the old lighthouse and other village landmarks.

Company: Spry Fox
Sep 2016 – Oct 2017

  • Released Beartopia for the Google Daydream VR platform, an MMO with idle game features and cute 3D bears, using Unity for the client and C#/Mono for the server;
  • Main activities included porting the single player prototype to a multiplayer game, server and client features, polishing and preparing the game for release;
  • Also made efforts to unit test the server code and wrote Python and Bash scripts to help localizing the game and other server tasks.

Beartopia for Google Daydream (Spry Fox)




Company: Bigpoint GmbH
Oct 2014 – Aug 2016

  • Working on Farmerama, an award winning farm simulation game with 800.000+ MAU at the time, developed with Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3 for the web;
  • Programmer on an Unity mobile game and researching porting Farmerama to Unity;
  • Activities include client side implementation of seasonal content, game and processes improvements;
  • Improved team and game performance by refactoring the icon system (more than 5.000 icons in the game).

Farmerama (Bigpoint)


Mistério dos Sonhos

Company: Xmile Learning
Aug 2013 – Mar 2014

Mundo dos Sonhos é um lugar mágico e misterioso onde vão parar todas as coisas que perdemos no mundo real. É lá que surgem todos nossos medos e é lá também onde todas as lendas e contos de fadas têm origem. Mas esse lugar fantástico está em perigo! Convocadas para desvendar os misteriosos desaparecimentos que vêm ocorrendo, as crianças são os Guardiões dos Sonhos e embarcam em uma grande e inesquecível aventura.

  • Released Mistério dos Sonhos, a game for children from 7 to 10 years old;
  • Hired and managed a team of 4 programmers to develop the game client with Adobe AIR and Starling;
  • The game is sold directly to private and public schools, and over 30.000 children already have licenses to play it across the country.

Mistério dos Sonhos 1 – O Chamado dos Guardiões (Xmile Learning)
Mistério dos Sonhos 2 – A Máquina do Poder (Xmile Learning)
Mistério dos Sonhos 3 – A Grande Jornada (Xmile Learning)

Mistério dos Sonhos b09e0b15214905.5628e34768277



Company: Hoplon
Aug 2007 – Aug 2010

Taikodom and Taikodom: Living Universe were two versions of a brazilian MMO RPG with a strong focus in space combat, mining, crafting and corporation (guild) building. The first version was intended to the brazilian market, and was developed using C++ and Java for client and server. The second version, planned to be released internationally was developed using Unity, C# and SQL Server (Transact-SQL) for persistance. The game servers were shutdown on 2015.

My activities in this project included:

  • Development of game features on Unity3D and on the in­house engine including GUI, server and client programming (C#, Java and C++), .NET web services and SQLServer database programming, including stored procedures;
  • Implemented engine support for Adobe Flash textures using GameSWF (C++);
  • Implemented engine support for Bink video textures (RAD Game Tools, C++);
  • Initial engine support for loading textures and materials from Granny files (RAD Game Tools, C++);
  • Initial engine support for S3TC/DXTC compressed textures;
  • Initial analysis and implementation of GJK and EPA collision detection algorithms;
  • Proof of concept of a avatar customization system (including different meshes for features, clothing and texture baking);
  • Development of tools to automatically verify art assets;
  • Development of tool to convert and reduce size of game textures.

Taikodom, Taikodom: Living Universe (Hoplon)